Speech by Elisabetta Vernoni

How to fight obsolescence and keep innovating

Working on the edge of innovation means to continually working on the edge of knowledge. This is a typical necessity of project management and the exponential growth of change requires a hard and constant work to keep up with the pace of time and to be always competent in the role covered.

The growth of knowledge comes, yet, from many different ways and besides our preferences, we are forced to always take all growth and discovery opportunities.

Based on what stated above, it seems a very difficult and almost impossible task. Therefore, we need to identify a method that can help us to face this difficult but not impossible undertaking.

To get ready to take on these infinite opportunities we will walk through together a series of different ways of exploring and transferring knowledge that we can find in our lives.

Our main source of inspiration will be Philosophy that together with Math makes up for the ancient knowledge that always keeps up modern.

Starting with defining the approach and the qualities useful to the growth of knowledge, we will follow the favorite paths of Science in the approach of discovery and innovation; everyone will find his way to discover and evaluate problems, but above all will be able to explore new ones.

Because the way we are used to study reality is not always the most effective.

The more we have, the better it is.