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A4PM is a multi-disciplined project management company that has the skills, focus and discipline to ensure that your projects are not only completed on time and within budget, but fully achieve their intended purpose.

A4PM uses a team of highly experienced consultants and certified Project Managers professionals that will promote success for your Company’s projects.

Our reputation depends on it.

A4PM can also offer a project management training that will deliver value within your organization.

Our goal is to give you a competitive advantage through improved project planning and control techniques. Our flexible combination of project management services training is tailored to meet the individual needs of your organization.

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PME is a virtual service company oriented and goal oriented. This is the meaning of our slogan, which also represents the mission of our organization: Governance E2E, Value for money, the new frontiers of advice. We firmly believe that the value of the service is constituted by its quality in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, professionalism, innovation and flexibility and aim to offer our customers just that, freeing advice from all that is “superfluous” generating costs without creating any value. Our approach, for example, tends to reduce work on site to a minimum, since these are important only if:

  • They are required by the customer and useful for building mutual trust
  • They are indispensable to achieving the objective of the initiative

From this perspective we propose all and our governance services portfolio even in a ‘remote mode’ and “on demand”, that is, in fact, in our opinion, the new frontier for the provision of professional advice.

While this may seem, from one side, like a very simplistic solution to respond effectively to the reduction of the budget, on the other side is a challenge that can be supported and won only by really competent professionals. The creation of the total value for the customer is our only goal, and therefore in this context we have created two proprietary methodologies, which we apply in an integrated way with the most important internationally recognized framework (such as PMBOK, PRINCE2, but also the ISO Standard 21500), and that put him at the center of the project stakeholders, making him to go from spectator to main character. Therefore that “Virtual oriented” model proposed by us allows you to fully release all the potential value of the initiative in all axes or dimensions that characterize it:

  • shorter projects (reduced time to market)
  • most effective projects with measurable results, since the targets are shared by stakeholders
  • cheaper Projects because results-oriented, without unnecessary inefficiencies (value for money)

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