This page is dedicated to our Gold Sponsors who contribute with their financial support to ensure that the participants can enjoy a high quality experience at very reasonable prices. The Gold sponsors will also be present with their stands of the event on October 19 allowing for an opportunity to learn more about them and understand what they have to offer about professional project management.




E-quality Italy Srl is a training and coaching company founded in 2002 with the aim of trying out and disseminating organizational models that would enable people to live better, and organizations to be more efficient.

E-quality Italian does not just teach in classroom methods and techniques, but applies them every day; It is the only Italian training company to apply Getting Things Done® and Holacracy® in its operations.

The catalog of E-quality courses, published on the website www.imlearning.it, is divided into four main areas:

  • Self-organization; all you need for people to better use their time and resources, both inside and outside of organizations.
  • Business agility; innovative approaches to allow a team of competent and motivated people to achieve their goals in the most dynamic and innovative markets.
  • Project management; traditional methodologies and processes to introduce change in less turbulent contexts.
  • IT governance; methodologies and processes to transform information technology into a factor of competitive advantage for companies.



Engineering is the Italian leader in the field of Digital Transformation, with integrated and complete offering along the entire value chain: design, consulting, outsourcing and products.

Engineering’s mission is to transform the potential of digital technologies into growth opportunities for its customers through innovation, in a continuous alignment with the evolution of technologies, processes and business models to help change markets and society.

The innovative fields ranging from mobility, cloud, big data to, the open date, crm, automation of industrial processes.

The Group has about 10,300 employees at over 50 locations in Italy, Belgium, Spain, Germany, the Republic of Serbia, the United States, Brazil, Argentina. The value of production in late 2017 has exceeded one billion euro.

Engineering has an established presence in all vertical markets: Public Administration and Healthcare, Telco and Utilities, Industry and Services, Finance. A leader in the outsourcing market and cloud computing, Engineering operates through an integrated network of four data centers (Pont-Saint-Martin, Turin, Milan, Vicenza), with an infrastructure and a system of services that ensure standardized technologies, quality and safety.

More than 30 million annual investment in Research & Innovation, with about 250 employees, 70 projects underway, 6 development laboratories, has the dual role of promoting research on international software and transferring innovation in offering of products and services.

Since 1999 Engineering has its own structure dedicated to continuing education activities, the IT School & Management “Enrico Della Valle”: a unique asset in the national panorama, with 200 certified teachers and 370 courses in the catalog, delivers each year about 18,700 days of technical training, methodology and process to Group employees and customers.



Twproject is a leading product in the field of project management, released and produced by Open Lab, Florentine company, since 2001. Thanks to our decades of experience Twproject is one of the most comprehensive software available on the market at a very competitive price.

Twproject is developed by a dedicated team composed of developers and designers who have studied every dynamic in every detail: the completeness of functionality is seamlessly integrated with simple and intuitive interface.

Twproject aims to minimize the time spent on management, managing at the same time to fully show the development of projects, costs and employment of resources. One of the most appreciated features is the flexibility to combine classical aspects of project management to Agile Vision.

Our skilled team is constantly working to improve and refine a product cut on the needs of project managers.


Comau is a leading company in the industrial automation field, at a global level. Combining innovative engineering solutions with easy-touse, open automation and enabling technologies, Comau helps companies of all sizes – and across a wide range of industrial segments – leverage the full potential of digital manufacturing. Comau’s competency stems from over 45 years of field proven-experience and a strong presence within every major industrial country.

 Comau develops Industry 4.0-enabled systems, products and services. The full portfolio includes: joining, assembly and machining solutions for traditional and electric vehicles, robotized manufacturing systems, a complete family of robots (including collaborative and wearable robotics) with extensive range and payload configurations, autonomous logistics, and asset optimization services with real-time monitoring and control capabilities. The offering also extends to project management and consultancy, IoT services, and maintenance and training for a wide range of industrial segments. Its solutions support vehicle manufacturing, heavy industry, railway, renewable energy, and a wide variety of general industries.