Speech by Roberto Polidoro

Project Risk Management at Leonardo: Risk management during the entire life of the Project

The Aerospace, Defense, and Security sectors where Leonardo operates are affected by project risks of different type and complexity. These risks are managed by the application of a robust, integrated, and unified process of Project Risk Management. This process is based on the experience earned by Leonardo through its core businesses (Helicopters, Aeronautics, Electronics, Defense & Security Systems, Aerospace) and international best practices. Leonardo’s Project Risk Management is an advanced process for the One Company, applied to the entire life cycle of the project. It is executed by the Integrated Project Teams, with the full support of a dedicated top-level organization and by using a proprietary tool named TERRA (Tool for Evaluating Risks and Response Actions). The speech will show the process in place at Leonardo and point out how the process is effective for analysis and reporting to support decisions in project management.