Speech by Pietro Leo

Artificial Intelligence Systems for the Business World

Artificial Intelligence is one of the main subjects of Information Technology. It is a topic that lies very far back in the past, its development and its maturation required decades of investments from Universities and public as well as private research centers. In the last years, we have started to see the results of these investments in a larger and more significant way: every day we experiment AI, in various forms, noticing simply how the quality of interaction with computers has become not just easier and more intuitive, but sometimes, and in increased number of cases, it looks like computers are able to anticipate our needs and requirements. Therefore, it looks like they have an intelligent behavior.

The objective of the speech is to talk about AI systems for the business world and how these are positioning themselves in a structural way inside companies’ information systems, determining significant changes from multiple perspectives and not just from the technical one. We will introduce the different types of AI systems, providing practical examples. We will offer elements of reflection related to the different nature and to complexity of managing this type of systems.

The speech will end with considerations on some aspects that the AI systems emphasize with more relevance compared to traditional IT systems and influence their management, such as ethics and privacy and their quality Assurance.