Speech by Paolo Guidelli

Open Innovation Inail

The project management experiences accumulated as the manager of the Open Innovation Program, part of the 3 year plan IT INAIL 2017-2019, will be shared.

In these years, we started a journey following the invite, described in the stories of Mulla Nasrudin*, to adopt a non-conventional vision of the world.

The stories on the “lost keys of the house” and of the “riding the donkey”, by Mulla, will lead us to discover innovation at INAIL.

Lost keys of the house

One evening, a friend sees Mulla Nasrudin, while crawling, looking for something under a lamppost. “What are you looking for?” the friend asks. “The keys of my house”. So the friend begins helping. After searching for some time without finding the keys, the friend asks: “Nasrudin are you sure you lost your keys here?”. Nasrudin answers: “No, I lost them inside my house”. “Why are we searching here, then?”. “Because here there is more light”.

Riding the donkey

Nasrudin was going through his village riding his donkey backwards. Naturally, all the people who saw him would laugh and mock Nasrudin. After a while, some people told Nasrudin that he was riding the donkey backwards. Nasrudin then answered: “Don’t you think that I may be heading towards the right direction but instead is the donkey going backwards?”

*Mulla Nasrudin is a famous character of the Turkish tradition that is present, in different ways, in all Islamic culture and in Sufism. This character has a particular quality: in some stories he is represented as a wise person, other time as a foolish one. Actually, his character is used to show attributes of the human behavior and old mental beliefs, still present nowadays. He is a mirror where we can look at ourselves for who we are. As a matter of fact, in one of his stories, Nasrudin, while he walks along a dusty road, sees something sparking on the ground and he picks it up, it is a mirror. After observing it, he discards it saying: “You look so ugly! I am not surprised somebody threw you away!”