Speech by Roberto Guida

The Digital Transformation as a New Value for Comau and Customers. How to be positioned for the challenge, exploit Project Management and PMO competences to innovate in a global business context

In present ages distinguished by a global, interconnected, competitive business environment the digital transformation remains at the center of attention for Comau.

“Digital” is essentially about utilizing new sets of capabilities that are changing the way we work and we live; all is quickly evolving, “transformation” is the real focus for organizations that aim to better serve Customers, unlock Value and position today themselves to be more effective and competitive in the future.

Digital transformation is also about reshaping and speeding up project delivery models: innovative projects, development of new products in today’s digital era where time-to-market results, speed and flexibility are key-requirements need an adaptation of traditional methodologies, tools and mindsets.

Project Managers and the PMO function must adapt their approaches to be truly an asset for digital transition and governance of digital innovation projects portfolios. Regard to this, Comau, an FCA group Company, global market leader in industrial automation and robotics presents its view and experiences.