Gastone Garziera



Born in Sandrigo (VI) on April 13, 1942 from a family of small farmers, he earned his high school diploma in electrical engineering from ITIS A. Rossi in Vicenza in 1961.

Hired by LRE Olivetti, he took part, as a collaborator of Mr. De Sandre, a member of the group of work led by Mr. Perotto to the development of the Program 101, derivatives and successors. Subsequently, working for Olivetti led by Carlo De Benedetti, he oversees the development of L1, L1 emulated, banking terminals, PC, Retail Systems, Quality Assurance, and Olivetti Research Projects of Pozzuoli.

Basically, he spent his entire working life in project environment.

Retired since 1996, he has dedicated himself to painting and woodcarving. He has taken part in numerous exhibitions, both collective and personal.

He currently serves as a volunteer at the Technologically Museum of Ivrea.