Elisabetta Vernoni earned a degree with full marks in Philosophy, with a minor in Psychology, from the Università Statale of Milan in 1985. She served as a psychologist at the workplace and was employed in HR Management for 10 years at Banca Fideuram and at Kraft where she was in charge of manager development.  In the last years, she is a management consultant, teacher and coach for top tier companies in the areas of management,  leadership and sales techniques.

Her methods are based on an active and solid formation supported by an uncommon selection of techniques more useful to managers, based on economical, psychological and philosophical aspects.

She was vice-president of the Italian Professional Consultants Association and a member of the International Certifying Commission for management consulting.

She is a professor for PMI, as well as for the CINEAS (consortium for the Polytechnic of Milan, Italy) and for the Master Program in Engineering at the University of  La Sapienza in Rome, Italy.

She was a consultant for the Rome City Hall and for the Ministry of Interior where she was in charge of helping indebted entrepreneurs and usury victims.

She is currently Director of Human Resources for FM Logistics, a French multinational company leader in the logistics sector.

Certified Management Consultant www.icmci.org